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Isla Mujeres

Earlier this year, I traveled Cancun, Mexico for my first time. Even though I didn't have the best weather when I went, my last full day was perfect. I had booked a catamaran cruise that brought me to Isla Mujeres for the afternoon. I loved the rawness of Isla Mujeres, the non-touristy face of Mexico.

I'm starting this project with one of my favorites: a photo I took of an eldery man fixing fishing net.

Adjustments I need to make:

  • White Balance
  • Exposure
  • Contrast, Highlights
  • Vibrance

Corrections I need to make:

  • Bring attention to gentleman's face
  • Maybe get rid of mother/son on dock
  • Minor cropping


I've since made most of my previously metioned adjustments and corrections to get my photo where it is right now:


I'm pretty happy with it so far, but I think a few more edits and getting rid of the hanging yellow t-shirt would make this a much stronger photo. I've been playing around with many different correction options to remove the shirt, but none have worked well. I'm having a hard time deciding where to draw from and which tools are best for the job.. Any suggestions?


My final picture (although the editing process never really ends in the Photo World):

I fidgeted a little bit more with the exposure and contrast as well as dabbled in dodging and burning the man and trees to bring in focus on his craft. The yellow t-shirt is still a tad distracting to me, but I think cropping the photo vastly helped.

I really enjoyed this class and am exited to put my new knowledge towards editing more of my photos from this and other varying vacations. Thank you JP!


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