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Stephanie Linquist

Independent Professional - Graphic Design




June 11

This is my sharpie + pen page. The strokes I got when I simply flicked my wrist were my favorites. 

This is my crayon + charcoal page. It was my least favorite of all, but it was pretty fun to make. Nothing like bringing out the crayons. I ended up with those cool synchronized swirls because a few of my crayons had melted together into a conglomeration of wax. 

Paint + water page! I used a sponge, which is always an excellent tool for messy and unexpected.

My favorite was actually the reversal page! Quite a fun result. 

July 22

Haha, over a month later, but I've finally made two new pieces that I've decided are part 1 and 2 of my final project.


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