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Katie Leavens




Is that a chip? (final)

QUOTE: Is that a chip?


Yay! Here's the final! Let me know what you think.



Taking this quote in a direction we can all relate to lead me to a question we all ask (no matter which side of the debate you are on): Is that a chocolate "chip" or raisin cookie. I came up with this rough for my medium expression:


Also was playing around with a brush and ink on some thin rice paper seeing what I could do with the texture and the fonts. 


These bleed through on the paper I had behind them as I painted/wrote. I loved the look of my scrap sheet so I grabbed a different brush and some gauche that was within arms reach and traced over a version to pull it out of the scrap paper. I'm loving the grunge-look and repetative nature of this one for my loud/yelling expression:



Here is my first rough sketch. This is my whisper. I was trying to figure out in what instance would you whisper this phrase. Maybe I have been reading to many detective stories but they always seem to find a vital clue while they are in the dark with a suspect just on the otherside of the door. You don't want your suspect to know you found the clue! Obviously this Dorito is a Very important clue.



I was at Trader Joe's today. At check I was asked, "Is that I chip?" He was refering to the new 'chip & pin' credit cards, because their machines have finally been set up for them. 

I think this could go a fun direction. You might ask the same thing when trying to figure out if it is a chocolate chip or a raisin cookie, or maybe if you are asking someone if they have a chip on their shoulder.

Since I heard the phrase at Trader Joe's, I'm really thinking I might go the "chalkboard sign style" route.



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