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Is it so damn hard to weak up early in the morning?!

Hello everybody,

I am a graduate student with unstructured days and weeks. I suffer especially from sleeping way too much and even oversleeping when I have important meet ups. So I want to change this for good and design my waking up early from now on!

My habit personality type is:

  • Type 3: Rebel: You instinctively dislike and resist expectations, rules, and rigid commitments. You usually don't even like the idea of living according to routines and habits, to the point that you will purposefully break your routines. People describe you as a "free spirit," and envy your spontaneity. Your strengths include forging your own path and thinking outside the box, but often your lack of structure becomes an obstacle to reaching your goals.

closely followed by

  • Type 2: Questioner: You question expectations, rules, and commitments. You will follow them, but only if you understand the reasoning behind them and agree with it. You find it difficult to accept new habits that are imposed on you, but do very well with habits that you decide on for yourself. You have strong analytical abilities and are highly independent, but sometimes can come off as stubborn when required to do something you don't agree with.

I pity myself for this habit personality types, but I will do my best to learn some basic routines, because I suffer very much from my lack of structure. Sometimes I feel a strong urge to change my situation and I am good of cannalizing this energy into starting new routines and projects. But it seems to be that I am not consistent enough to keep these routines and projects over a long time and I let myself get distracted easily.

I signed up for this class because:

I would like to learn a method to put my energy (which I clearly have) into learning a routine (waking up early as a start) and KEEPING it not only for days or weeks but for months and years.

My most consistent good habit:

I thought very hard and couldn't come up with a consistent good habit. I used to be proud of a lot of good habits which come and go, one of these was:

  • I played the guitar on an almost daily basis for about a year

My new habit:

From now on I will wake up early. I plan to go to bed arount 0.00 and wake up at 7.00 in the morning.

I tried this already multiple times. No matter what method I used, I quickly got used to the trigger/alarm clock and slept in again. I already tried:

  • Simple alarm clock
  • Two or more alarm clocks
  • Alarm clock on other side of the room
  • Opening window after waking up
  • Turning on light after waking up
  • Playing a game on my mobile after waking up
  • Listening to news after waking up
  • Hiding or packing alarm clock very carefully before going to bed

I hope designing my waking up habit with this approach will help me to have more consistency!

To be continued...


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