Is It GMO?

Name: Is It GMO?

Summary: A search engine to discover foods and products that contain GMOs. Google for genetically modified foods.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_organism


Startup Holes

1. State laws passed to require food companies to label their products with GMO statuses.

2. Accurately filling the search database with enough foods and products that users utilize the tool to discover GMO statuses.

3. Not enough people are aware of GMO's in their food and the users who are, already know the foods to buy.


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Actionable Plan:

1. Create beta version of IsItGMO.com with basic features and search capabilities. This is actually already created with Facebook/Twitter login and activity posting to both.

2. Direct traffic to the landing page with private beta access to IsItGMO.com after subscribing via email.

3. Write a few guest blog posts on GMO's and the reason why a search engine could be a useful tool. Hopefully this will attract some new users interested in the subject, especially if placed on a few highly trafficked blogs.

4. Analyze Google Analytics data of the beta website and communicate with beta testers to further increase userablity and functions of the search engine.


250 registered beta users.

Here's the landing page: IsItGMO.com

Thank you for a great class Michael! I would really appreciate any comments below. Thank you to everyone who has already voiced their opinions as well :)


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