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Stephanie Terry

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Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?


I know this is kind of a strange choice, but it's what I'm reading now and I find it absolutely hilarious. Mindy Kaling is an awesome writer and the stories she tells about her life, I can see myself right along side her.

Super excited to get started.


Here's some of my brainstorm notes. When I start sketching, I definitely want to focus on how Mindy is this very strong and confindent writer/person. She loves who she is and is comfortable with how she looks and it all comes across in the book. And at the same time it's really hard for her to hear any kind of critisim when it comes to her writng.

I had the idea of taking feature of all the important people/events in her life and incorporate them either within the shape of the "K" or surrounding it. In the book she says Conan O'Brian is her hero, so I was thinking about making a silhouette of his hair or something. That's where my head's at right now.

If you can, would love some feedback.


Okay, here it goes. Here's one of my sketches.

I'm really digging the shape of the letter. Mindy talks a lot about her figure, so I thought it would be a good idea to throw in some curves here and there. I was thinking I could add a paisley treatment to the ends and keep the rest of it solid. For the color scheme, Mindy talks about this dusty rose pink dress she cut up to use in a photoshoot. They didn't have any dresses in her size, and this was the one she wanted to wear. So she made the seamstress cry because they basically had to cut the back of the dress out and make it look good like it fit.  Other colors is just primary colors because she talked a lot about how her parents would dress her and her brother in primary colors when they were little. I have other ideas that I will definitely post, would love feedback on this path for now.


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