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Irritated Me


I have about 5 pages right now. I'm introducing characters, and leading up to the inciting incident.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


A man moves into a house inherited from his grandmother,  after serving a year in prison. He discovers an annoying pest of a ghost will be his roommate. 


I have an idea on how this story will begin.

My main guy will be freshly out of prison, after a year. 

The opening scene will be with his large family, dressed-up gathering at a nice restaurant.  He will talk with his brother, stating the past year was the "most annoying" of his life.

They will discuss his inheritance,  his grandmother's house. His brother will mention its haunting.

The protagonist will spend the night in that house, to wake up to the ghost slurping soda out of a glass in front of him. (The ghost is not visible. )

First thoughts:

Inspired by a blog by a local man, I intend to create a Comedy/Mystery.

He seemed to have an extreme irritation with a ghost presence in his home, with no fear.

Of course, the ghost will start to become more "vocal". Then the main character's dilemma will be introduced. 

After some thought regarding the dilemma of the main character, I am contemplating his wondering "how" the ghost is able to haunt him, rather than "why". He questions the ghost's freedom to haunt him. How does the ghost have the power, and isn't there a force to stop it?

Not sure about sticking with the title, I just threw it on there. :)


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