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Ironman in Las Vegas

Well to start I am a web developer for a helicopter company in Las Vegas. So pretty much have no choice but to live here breathing what marketing guru's are throwing on a billboard, tv, signs, anything really, as you make your way to work, home, school or anything else. I took this class to learn well. . .the ins and outs of illustrator as I have never been good with it and always dealt with PS. 

I chose a movie poster that I had that already had basic shapes to start off with. My goal with this is to go above and beyond what the movie poster had to offer and add in textures and shadows to bring the poster more alive than the one I started with.  There was a little bit more to the original image but I want to steer the photo in my direction and maybe make this lovely ironman in his fighting stance in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. I know I'll get that far, how great the outcome is the ? in this situation.


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