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Iron Horse

I have decided to go with Grant's suggestion about not getting to complicated with this first card game.  So I wanted to make a game where there were no more than 100 Cards and there was some interaction and it could be played with 2 to 4 players and the goal could be adjusted to match the time available (lunch hour; for instance).  I think that the one that follows this the best is the western train game.

I completed a prototype game with index cards and we have been play testing it all weekend.  The basic rule are that players must have 5 cards, no more and no less in there hands at the start of each round.  There are 5 phases in each round:

1. Buy Resources

2. Build Track

3. Calamity

4. Countermeasures

5. Collect Money

Players use the calamity cards on other players.  There are several things that the players have to work out and there may be times when they cannot build.  Then they must decide which resources to discard in order to purchase more resources. 

Each player starts with $100 and the first to $1000 wins.  The goal can be changed depending on the time they have to play.

So far, it has been fun...  Here are some rough sketches of card art...more than Icons, but not too detailed. 

I have three ideas that I have been kicking around:

The first idea is a Steam Punk theme game with 4 aspects (human, technology, magica, psychic) and a imperial aspect that creates conditions for the players to play in.  Each aspect has certain powers and players can play mix and max.  They can use the cards by expending life point. Each player starts with 100.  Last player standing wins.

2nd is a Pirate game where players have to build there ships, crew, capt, weapons and fight each other.  I thought about using dice and give players bonuses depending on card make up.  They can spend booty to upgrade ship or build fleet.

The last is a Western Railroad theme.  Players have to build a railroad while weathering politics, ranchers, natives, the climate, and other players.  I think thimightn't work as a drafting game.


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