Irish Pub Logo

Irish Pub Logo - student project

I decided to do a logo for an Irish tavern because 1. They are some of my favorite places to eat & drink 2. I've been to Ireland so I might have a little more background knowledge for this design and 3. I love drawing Celtic knots and thought it might be fun.

Did a little research on animals of Ireland and found one common critter there is the "stoat" which is the Irish weasel.  Apparently it is very common there and sounded like a good fit.  Especially because it is an animal I've never heard of anywhere else so "The Irish Stoat" would have a unique ring.

Some research on the animal (though I also looked up just weasel since they look nearly identical), and Irish and Celtic designs which have an iconic look that definitely screams "This is an Irish Pub".

Irish Pub Logo - image 1 - student project

After a bunch of sketching, I found it was actually quite challenging to get something that had the Celtic look & being iconic, while not being too cliche.  I'm not sure I really achieved it...  But I did try and use some of the gestalt principles, namely "continuation" and "figure/ground" by drawing the stoat using the circles of the Celtic knot.

Irish Pub Logo - image 2 - student project

Even as I was typing up this post, I realized that if I made the green a little darker and less saturated it might look more professional. I think it's definitely close, but maybe not quite there.

Irish Pub Logo - image 3 - student project