Iris Odd Bodies

Iris Odd Bodies - student project

This class was so much fun! I enjoyed every bit of it. I've been struggling with abstraction and simplification in my art and I thought this class would help me find ways to get loose. In the end, I think I now know how to go about it.

For the Action Figures, I went with a surfer because why not. I do think the last one without reference is the most interesting of them all. 

Iris Odd Bodies - image 1 - student project

For the Page of Poses, I went with street dancers because I thought there would be really cool movements to illustrate. I started on paper but ended up refining it in Procreate. My favorite of all these is the guy in the bottom right.

Iris Odd Bodies - image 2 - student project

The Cutouts were fun to do as well. It was refreshing to work with scissors as a tool. 

Iris Odd Bodies - image 3 - student project

For the Project, I went with a giant pencil and a teeny tiny piece of paper because I thought it would be a nice contrast. This is actually my second attempt at it, I had to come back to it after a week of taking the class because I just wasn't feeling it. I'm much happier with the end result though. 

Iris Odd Bodies - image 4 - student project

Iris Cintron
Illustrator l Designer from Puerto Rico