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Irene Young




Irene's Mood Board

This class/project was so fun. I'm a total beginner at photoshop, but got interested in it after taking some After Effects classes on this site (I work as an Editor and wanted some lessons in Motion Graphics). Who knew I'd find myself wanting to learn Illustrator and Photoshop as well? This class was really nicely paced and easy to follow along with. It got me excited to create!

I chose to include images of my spirit animal - the fox; dancers - that's another passion of mine; and some type that would both inspire me to create, but also keep any anxiety I might be feeling at bay. I really liked the mint you used in your tutorial and when I found the awesome fox image where he is wearing a mens' suit and jacket with the mint background, I knew it's what I wanted to sample from.

Thanks again! I'm recommending it to friends on Facebook!



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