Ireland - student project

As the helicopter crests the hill, I am captivated by the sight of a lonely stone tower solitary in its surveillance.  Its conical roof makes one think it should be attached to a castle. Instead, a nearby house is partnered with the tower inside a stone wall.


In the distance is a village under a cerulean sky with white puffy clouds in attendance.  The distance rolling hills are mostly tree covered and exhibit thousands of shades of green with yellows and blue intermingled.


No sign of life is visible. The houses appear to be structurally sound, so I wonder why the settlement has been abandoned.  What could have caused everyone to abandon this idyllic setting? Smoke should be wafting from chimneys carrying the scent of lamb stews and baking bread. 


We come to rest in a small clearing several hundred yards from the settlement. As I walk from the craft, the warm sun bears down on me. The breeze lifts my hair off the back of my neck, and just as I had imagined, it is laden with the scent of pine, grass, and the sweet smell of a flowering shrub. Like a harbinger of sorrow, crows caw incessantly.


I make my way toward the tower which appears taller from the ground than it did from the air.  The surrounding wall is about ten feet high, and I deduce that it was built for defense purposes.  Shrubs and grasses are growing on the wall in places and the forest is encroaching over the stone wall on the uphill side.


Note:  Could not get Geo Guessr to work so I just found random picture.