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This is my first try to use Illustrator for vector illustrations. Although, I'm not experienced in that, I decided to go over my fears and enroll this amazing and very useful course!


After a long time of thinking, I chose an irbis. It's a kind of snow leopard native to the mountain ranges of Asia.          

I found some good images to sketch a shape of animal.      


I was trying to simplify complex forms and focus on the main shapes and lines.
Although, I needed to change some ornaments and decorations on the computer, because they were too complicated and unclear to draw in vectors.
Next time I will pay more attention to my sketch.

Vector Progress

Here is my unfinished illustration without a texture. I'm still not satisfied with the colours and forms. I think it looks a little bit simply and uninteresting. :(

Though, I spent about one week trying to understand how to use the tools in Illustrator to create my work in the same style.  After a lot of failures and mistakes I did it!

I really would like to hear some feedback for my art before adding texture, halftoning and etc.!

And thank you DKNG for this awesome course!


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