Iphone Photography

Iphone Photography - student project


Thank you Mariya, these tutorials were to the point, informative and inspiring!

These are two photos I took taking on board your advice: 

At first I played around with changing the contrast - I had no idea you could manually change it on an Iphone by sliding it up or down. I thought this coat hook we have, combined with the morning light coming through the top window perfectly captured the new day feeling.

Iphone Photography - image 1 - student project

Iphone Photography - image 2 - student project

I then tried playing with Bokeh, light and contrast. The background is actually a privacy sticker that's on our window which diffuses light beautifully, and all that was needed was a little bit of colour tweaking in Photoshop to bring out the vivid colours.

I'm still keen to try adding movement to my images, so that will be the next challenge!