Iowa in the Summertime

Iowa in the Summertime - student project

I'm decently new to all of this, so we'll see how this all turns out! Feel free to point out likes/dislikes/opinions. I've got a trip to the Rocky Mountains in a few months, so I'm aiming to have my method and style set and ready to go. Leave any and all comments you'd like to. 

Here's a link to a more complete HD album:


My latest work-through: 


Iowa in the Summertime - image 1 - student project

Same trip as the ones below, decided to add a bit of vignette to it as well. 



Iowa in the Summertime - image 2 - student project

One of my current favorites, the orange hues, the sun streaks through the clouds with no washout of color. Took this one as I was leaving for the day, turned around, found this and couldn't resist.



Iowa in the Summertime - image 3 - student project

Same trip as above, except using the sun as a massive backlight. During editing, the dark details sold me on this photo. There's something still missing from it though, maybe in the coloring maybe in the details? I'm open to suggestions. 




Iowa in the Summertime - image 4 - student project


Iowa in the Summertime - image 5 - student project

From a family vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park (Flattop Mountain for those who have been there). This shot is a little different from the others in a few ways: 1) I'm in it (blue bag) and 2) It's a single panorama shot on an iPhone 5s, not multiple exposures like normal HDR.

My workflow on this was to take the image in Photos (mac app) and create multiple exposures, then upload into Aurora. This was actually the first photo I ever put into Aurora, and it sold me. My only concern with the photo is that it may push HDR a bit too far. I haven't uploaded a lot of my less than stellar edits of photos, but my main problem is pushing HDR a bit too far and they look over edited, but I think I'm getting better.

Thanks for any tips/feedback you may have!