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Inviting the muse and "The February Challenge"

1 february : Roots

Hello again - I will ad my work for the february challenge at the top of this project - going up. So here is the first one from 1 feb. "Roots".
A painted sketch in Guache of my grandfather - from a photo. He was a mighty man in his time, strict but fair, brutal but also very socialble and in many ways I feel that my roots start with him, as I grew up on the farm where both he and my dad also grew up. But also his grandeur contributed to his sons sense of inadequacy, which in turn fed my sense of inadequacy.
The sketch is not successfull in depicting how powerfull his physiqe was. He was broad and heavy set and his children feared him - just one look and he was able to silence all his 6 kids. 


My name is Ulla and Im a graphic designer, mostly doing work that does not require a lot of hand generated stuff. I took part in Sketchbook magic 1 - and really enjoyed it! So I've been looking forward to the follow up.

1) Warm up: Mixing a new pallette
My medium is guache - because Ive fallen in love with the smootheness of the colour when mixed with water. As I have weakenss for bright colours it is a challenge for me to generate desaturated colours.
 My warm up was just simple circles in different hues. This fits with the colours of current cold winter here in Denmark where I live. 


I used the colours to paint the dark birds that seem to sit all very stiff and frozen. I try to paint them as simple as possible - and have the same body but just by changing the beak or the shape of tail, have a different bird appear. Because the guache is so fluid but not thin, it is possible to sort of move it around on the page and have the bird appear.




2) Do what you love: Colour!
I thought this same principle could be applied to faces. I'd seen something similar on Instagram - and it just looked fun... and Id get to use more vibrant colours, which I love too. So I did these little colourfull faces - and some seems to have a bit of personality!





It was fun and Im ready to use the prompts for the next excersise.

3) The fall of your project: "further develop one of your projects"

Well it turned out Im still not finished doing faces! Still in guache. I like the way guache almost becomes like thick ink. So I used it for the line work too.


4) Artist date: Bjørn Wiinblad at the art gallary "Arken"

I went with a friend to see a large exhibition of the artist Bjørn Wiinblad. He was a prolific artist, did both ceramic work as well as gigantic wowen rugs. He even designed the dinnerware in gold for the Shah of Persia. (This was all smashed during the revolution). Anyhow what identifies Wiinblad is his distinctive style with figures with characteristic round shaped faces and big almond eyes. The same round shape is used in his ceramic work. His work is very decorative with lots of pattern and a multitude of colour. This was used in the exhibit with very rich colour scheme for the actual displays of his work:












The photo of the above red boxes is a close up of the actual exhibition stands for his work. Such attention to detail by the exhibition designer, to make the boxes different reds.




I tried to sketch this painting while at the artgallary. Kind of embarrassing to be standing drawing someone elses fabulous work, while other gallary guests were watching... but I noticed much more when I was sketching than just looking or photographing.





Im drawn to his patterns - and copied this using my medium for the month: guache.



I also copied one of his women from the yellow painting with three women. But used guache in black.
I love his way of doing features: eyes, nose, lips.

I enjoyed this assignment and will remember to see more exhibitions regularly. It enriches my life!

Well im still not ready for practise # 5: calling upon the muse
In stead Im working on guache. This time I got "shirts" in the prompts and this is what came out.
I still love guache - and I love all my shirts in the closet :-)




Im still honing my skills with guache - I got "shoes" as promt - and it was a delight to sketche and paint my shoes. I l love shoes :-)


and my lovely red tango shoes.



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