Inviting someone to join my program


Not long before I took this course, I started moving more into conversational selling than I had previously.

Because I don't want people to feel pressure, my tendency had been to identify someone who would be a good fit for my program and at an appropriate point in the conversation, send them a link with a "I think this would be a great fit, but no pressure!" type comment, and then follow up eventually much much later.

I thought that was the best way to handle it to not be weirdly salesy/pressure-y. But I realized that I was taking myself out of the equation too much and expecting the sales copy to do too much work. (Being a writer, of course, that felt good and easy because it was like look at all my beautiful words!!)

Anyway, taking this course gave me more confidence in the new approach that I have been trying, which is reaching out to people as they sign up on my list or follow me on social (always to have a conversation, not to immediately sell them).

One of the women I sent a personal email to a week ago emailed me back and brought up on her own that she was thinking about joining my membership. It was helpful to know that I didn't need to feel like I had to immediately try to convince her to do anything, and we could just have a conversation about why she was thinking that, what her hesitations were, etc.

At this point I'm still seeing where the conversation goes, but thus far is seems like my program would really help her, and if she shares more details that confirm that, I will eventually invite her to join.

So can't really report that I've sold anything, but at least I feel like sales is something that I can actually do!