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Meda Halmaciu

Artist and invitation designer @invitatiicouture



Invitatii Couture Logo Redesign

Business name: Invitatii Couture (by Meda Halmaciu).

I have been designing and making custom invitations for 10 years and although people know me and I have many repeat customers, I don't feel like I have developed a strong visual identity and a brand. Actually, it's all a mess. So tonight while making myself a wax seal desig I felt like redoing my logo.

I want it to say elegant, royal, high quality, but also with a drop of nature, and floral, and spontaneity. A NATURAL ROYAL ELEGANCE to sum up.

My colors are: burgundy, white, black, silver

This is my current blog:

My future website:

My etsy shop:


What do you think? What would you choose? Any advice?



I just saw this on the project deliverables so I thought I should actually do this for the first time. I always knew what my colors were, but never had them in a visual format. Actually I might want to add 2 more secondary colors tu use with my brand (light pink and lilac).


After looking at the fonts I added another logo idea. So here are all the updated logo versions.

I think I like the last middle one most, not necessarily because it's a good logo, but because it just feels like me. However I do think it lacks something. Probably because it is just a symbol with some flourish and type underneath? 

My second favorite is the top middle one. Maybe because it is more integrated? But I am not so happy about the two initials. I don't know if it's the font, the color, or both.


PROJECT UPDATE - 28 September 2015:

I don't LOVE any of the new logos although I still like the symbols, the colors and the general feel. Giving it another thought I think I need to infuse some hand drawing and make that symbol more like mine.

So, back to the drawing board, I made this mod board from stuff I already had in my brand inspiration folder. I wonder if I actually have to change my colors as well. I really like these muted greys and greens.


The drawing on the right bottom corner is my own from an old sketchbook.


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