Investment 101 Project

Investment 101 Project - student project

First of all, great course thank you. I am still not able to understand everything about the stock market but I'm trying my best to do so.

So, I chose 4 ETF's:

BLOK: Blockchain technology is promising a better future for us, for stock market and for currencies. I think companies that invest in this technology will surely benefit from it.

SPY: The well-trusted one, thought I should add this to my hypothetical portfolio because of it's self proven history.

RING: I really trust the gold industry. Gold is something that humans will always consider valuable. But eventually it will run out and become even more valuable. Thought gold mining industry will benefit from it too.

AIQ: Artifical intelligence and machine learning is something everyone is interested in, I think that is a good enough answer for why adding this ETF. I chose this one because the companies it accommodates gives more trust to me.


I made 3 portfolios, first one equally accommodates all 4 ETF's. Second one relies more on tech related ETF's, and third one relies even more on tech related ones.


It won't let me start before 2019 because AIQ is too new.Investment 101 Project - image 1 - student projectInvestment 101 Project - image 2 - student project