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INVESTED:  Devote (one's time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

Invested comes from two friends who since the high school days always wanted to come up with their own brand. To be able to express themselves through what they wore. That was just a dream, years later still friends and still having the same dream as they did back then, decide to put in everything they had devoting time and money into something they believed in. That’s why we chose the name INVESTED because we’re putting everything we have into our dreams…for what? You might ask, for a better tomorrow.

            If you really look at life, everything you do your constantly investing whether it is on an inanimate object or to being who you are. Anything you devote you're time into its investing your hard work and talent.

We grew up all of our lifes in California where the sun is always shining and the skies are blue. So our goal is to have people who haven't been to California is capture the feeling of the lifestyle in California.

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