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Invest in Our Future: Trash

Invest in Our Future: Trash


America’s dominance in garbage is intensifying, according to a new report that shows overflowing public trashcans and gutters with water bottles full of unidentified bodily fluids in the second half of 2014 has already doubled what it was five years ago. To put that in perspective, the amount accumulated in the nation that includes, Los Angeles and New York in the second six months this year is more than the entire European continent in the past five years combined, investment data research firm My Sad And Disgusting Work Commute stated this week.

There has already been $15.22 invested in more than 36-deserted Activa cartons outside of a questionable apartment building, with 17 of those fundings still considered good to eat.

Mega-fundings like that terrifying rotting pile of fruit left next to the gas pump in July, plastic trash bags flying in front of windshields in September, and hundreds of thousands of hot pockets, carelessly left to thaw out in public parks in October are contributing factors to the sharp rise.

MSDWC Insights’ findings do not include debt or secondary round, nor do they include fundings in the health or finance startup sectors. They simply reflect how America’s trash has never been better. Companies in the refuse-to-pick-up-pet’s-feces-in-heavily-trafficked-areas sector have attracted more than half of the venture money, and let’s-just-throw-our-trash-around-like-the-lazy-creatures-we-are pulled in about a quarter of the cash. People taking responsibilities for their actions are all on the decline.

The shrugging of shoulders boom that the country has experience in the past 2 years takes some credit for the big bump in trashing. Deep-pocketed private equity firms, mutual funds and corporate VCs have also played a role, leading some of the bigger rounds of burning rubbish this year. Here is MSDWC Insights’ ranking of the reasons you need to invest in trash now:

1. DON’T

2. BE





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