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Inventory Process Improvement

1. State the problem you are solving

Retail Customer is looking for a way to streamline tracking inventory including ordering more products. Current method is visually inspecting the inventory to determine if more is needed.

2. Declare assumptions about your problem and customers

Customer is willing to adopt new method for inventory tracking rather than just visually checking.

Customer may view new method as extra work and not want to put in time to update tracking. - Riskiest Assumption

3. Draft an MVP you will test – do not completely build yet, just describe what you will make.

Ask customer about key drivers in determining inventory needs and other useful information about each product they would like to see.

Determine amount of time willing to spend to use new method on daily basis.

4. Determine the measurements and goals for the MVP

Employees willing to learn - 100% yes

Time to spend/day to update inventory tracker - >15 min


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