Inventory Concierge

Inventory Concierge  - student project

My idea is to create an app that can be paired with multiple pos sysyems to better allow small businesses to track and, control inventory levels. User would be able to customize alerts, set reminders, and receive up to date information that would update based off of their chosen data settings

Update: So I been having quite a bit of trouble trying to design the app in xcode.  Being able to add buttons and, then label them is a bit beyond me at the moment. I have went back and, forth about what would be the best way for the user to make selections and while I feel the data picker would be a better option, the mock up I was coming up with while using them were not favorable.

My idea is to have a very open home screen with large clickable buttons for wach option. This will then lead to the page that corresponds with their selection. Depending on what they chose this will allow the user to take order, track inventory, view and manage alerts, or display products to potential customers. I will be updating again soon with a much more visually pleasing lay out once I have had a bit more time to play with the editing tool.

.Inventory Concierge  - image 1 - student project