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Inventing the Cronut

Inspiration: I would ask the customers of my bakery what aspect of their favorite products makes them love that particular one so much.

Ideation: I would first consider which of the many baked goods the customers mentioned as their favorites and the particular aspect of it that they found so appealing. I’d list all of the combinations of baked goods/yummy characteristic on a big board. I’d pare down the list to those representing the most popular and using my knowledge of baking tastes, textures, and techniques come up with a short list of combination products to try out.

Implementation: I’d try to create a test version of each of the possibilities and see if I could improve them (with additional ingredients, playing with the presentation, etc.) and have my staff taste test them. I’d get feedback from the staff to improve it even more. Then viola! I’d announce it as a special in my shop for sale to my customers


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