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Inventing my business


Thank you for your classes, they are really helpful!

I just finished your class Social Media for your creative business and I feel prepared to get back here and write what I came with. I don't have a business yet but I hope in the end of these series I will have one.

Who: I use name Sova Hůová (it means "Owl Hoo" in czech) and people know me like this but my real name is Sylva Hůlová which sounds similar. Czech people usually find this funny and remember it but it's not a good brand name if I want to sell internationally. I am mythology and fairy tale lover, I study ancient religions and make illustrations.

What: Whimsical watercolor art prints and digital art prints. My main topics would be mythology, folklore and nature. I would also like to make illustrated books but I am not sure if these could be a part of my brand.

Where: Society6, Etsy. I don't suppose I will have many customers from Czech Republic but I could try selling my art on Prague design markets or in small design shops.

How: Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, maybe Instagram.

Customer 1:

Meet Amélie (29). She is a ceramist and she has a part time job in a café. She enjoys walking in a country, reading and crafting, cooking and taking pictures of it. She has her own blog and she often visits Pinterest, Etsy, where she sells her products, and Instagram. She could buy a print for a nursery of her daughter or a tote bag.


Customer 2:

Viktor (38) makes graphic design for magazines. He works a lot and he lives just with his pug. He likes fantastic movies, books and comics. He buys T-shirts on Threadless. He could buy himslef a T-shirt with my art or a button.


Selected from a brand Questionaire:

4 words about me: dreamer, artist, everyday explorer

4 words about my style: whimsical, secret, fairy tale

Emotional response of my customer: They should want to know more.

Brand name: Nesting Spirits

I wanted to use something connected with my owl name. I first thought about Silent Flight, then about Fairy Tale Nest and then I doodled Nesting Spirits. It definitely looked like my new logo so I decided to choose this name.

Brand mission statement:
My art tells ancient stories to people seeking magic in their everyday life.

Logo: Well, nesting spirits:)

I think it should be black and white, round with a calligraphy. I will continue this in Part 2.


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