Intuitive paintings

Intuitive paintings - student project

My inner critic has been so loud and so judgmental about my paintings and drawings, that I decided to have a long break in creating and trying to learn anything new. This class was exactly what I needed right now, and it made me have another try with watercolors. The process of play and having fun with watercolors was harder than I thought it would be. Trying to convince my inner critic to stop judging me all the time, that it was ok not to be perfect and stop comparing myself all the time, really takes time, a more relaxed attitude and practice. But I will keep doing it, as I feel that it can help me loosen up and have more fun again. I love working with the colors, the water and getting new ideas and learning new techniques. I really had fun with the fluid watercolors and painting directly with it, will definitely try that again, and give myself permission to play and have fun.


Intuitive paintings - image 1 - student project



Intuitive paintings - image 2 - student project