Intuitive painting

Intuitive painting - student project

I’ve never never tried art therapy or intuitive painting before but found it interesting to try some of the exercises.


The first I did was the ‘paint’ your feelings, but while Yasmina painted some happy colours in hers, I found that it felt a bit false for me as I was still feeling quite down.

Intuitive painting - image 1 - student project
Then I tried one of just painting to get in the flow but it felt done when I had the porcupine form:

Intuitive painting - image 2 - student project

After this one I tried out some of the exercises:

Intuitive painting - image 3 - student project Intuitive painting - image 4 - student project
I the continued to the wavy lines exercise but it ended up an intuitive painting again:

Intuitive painting - image 5 - student project

I found this class really nice as it is so different from other classes here on Skillshare and I might try painting feelings again later. 

Thank you for a great class!

Sigge Ludvigsen
Aspiring Watercolor Artist