Intuitive Self Portrait

Intuitive Self Portrait - student project

I really enjoyed this class. It got me out of my head, got me outside on the deck in the afternoon sun. I feeling in-between worlds ... waiting to see what unfolds. This class has reminded me to be in the moment, listen to my intuition, relax, play and reconnect to my creativity ... I'll be doing a daily blind drawing moving forward. This was a brilliant, fun class that softened the edges of lockdown. Thank you!

Intuitive Self Portrait - image 1 - student project

this was my masterpiece over the top of another drawing. 

Intuitive Self Portrait - image 2 - student project

drawing with a brush ... using my less-dominant hand.

Intuitive Self Portrait - image 3 - student project

blind drawing number one. using brush and red paint

Intuitive Self Portrait - image 4 - student project

blind drawing number two... using a pen.

Intuitive Self Portrait - image 5 - student project

the last self-portrait. the sun came out ... I was in my garden ... so I changed up the colours ... and put in some foliage.  I've been feeling sad and uncertain, grieving the loss of before. The greenery shows hope and growth for the future. 

Nina :) Stay safe and stay creative!

Nina Rycroft
Picture Book Illustrator