Intuitive Painting Class

Intuitive Painting Class - student project

Such a fun class that helped me unlock some creative blocks! I'm returning to painting after years of almost exclusively sculpting, and my inner critic voice had grown so loud. I have been on a journey to learn to tune that ugly negative voice out for a while, but this class gave me a lot to think about and I am loving doing intuitive paintings daily since taking the class. I definitely get into the flow state so much better - and what starts as "I only need to paint for 5 min a day to keep learning and just creating for the sake of the joy it brings..." turns into HOURS of painting. 

I did the projects in this class on regular printer paper, because I felt like that would free me to make any mistakes and not worry about wasting watercolor paper. Yes the pages are no longer smooth and I know printer paper isn't made to hold water, but I wanted to really embrace the whole "throwing this away so it doesn't matter what it looks like" spirit. 

I add some intuitive acrylic paintings into an old hardback fiction that I upcycled into an art journal. And I haven't tossed the watercolors I did on the printer paper because I actually liked most of them!Intuitive Painting Class - image 1 - student projectIntuitive Painting Class - image 2 - student projectIntuitive Painting Class - image 3 - student projectIntuitive Painting Class - image 4 - student projectIntuitive Painting Class - image 5 - student project

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