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Alina Bas

Executive Coach & Life Strategist



Intuition & Decision-Making Retreat

Intuition Decision-Making Retreat: Use Your Gut Response to Make Better Decisions

Restorative, practical, affordable and magical retreat for harnessing your intuition

With Alina Bas, M.A., Certified Executive Coach & Trained Intuitive

May 1st – May 3rd, 2015
3-day retreat is held at Garrison Institute, within 1 hour of NYC
Scenic, comfortable retreat center upstate NY, all meals included

Have you ever made a brilliant decision based on a gut feeling, without having access to all the necessary information? Could that be just luck? Learn how to use your intuition in the same manner you use logical reasoning. 


This retreat is designed for curious and analytical thinkers who want to:

  • Make better decisions by harnessing intuition when facing life’s challenges
  • Gain insight into situations when information is not easily available
  • Improve ability to influence, create and evaluate situations
  • Understand and apply current academic research on intuition

FORMAT: Lectures followed by hands-on practice & feedback, small group work, Q&A in a group and one-on-one.

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: Walk the paths of a former monastery, explore the labyrinth in the garden, use meditation room, and take time to learn & reflect.

COST (incl. all workshop materials and content, comfortable lodging, wholesome meals, use of meditation room, use of labyrinth, and estate’s grounds):

  • Early Bird Registration: (now – 1/1/15) $695*
  • Just in Time Registration: (1/2/15 – 3/15/15) $795*
  • Last Minute Registration: (3/16/15 – 4/15) $895*  (Last minute registration will be open space-permitting.)

* For a triple/quad room selection. $50 extra for a double room, $80 extra for a single rooms.


REGISTRATION: Registration is open on first-come first-serve basis. In order to give each participant individual attention, spaces are limited. Registration closes at the end of the day on April 15th, 2015.



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How do I decide whether this retreat is for me?

Who else is going to attend?

Who is leading the workshop?

What will the schedule be like for the 3 days of the retreat?

Will there be other activities in addition to Decision-Making & Intuition content?

Is the retreat easily accessible?

What is the food like?

What are the accommodations like?

What should I bring with me?

How large is the workshop, and will I get individual attention?

What is your refund policy?

Are there prerequisites for the retreat?

Do you screen participants, or do you accept everyone who wants to attend?

Is there a Facebook page for this retreat?

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My name is Alina Bas. I'm an Executive Coach & Life Strategist, a left-brainer and a trained intuitive. I also have a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I guide analytical thinkers through scientific evidence of intuition, separating useful practices from illusions. I take a down-to-earth approach to exploring the nature of intuition, without resorting to the supernatural. Here are some of the ideas that I help analytical thinkers explore: 

· Why you should care about intuition, even though your're a rational, logical person

· Why it has been difficult to reliably study intuition , and how scientific research is now catching up 

· Reasons why intuitives are often wrong, why it doesn't make them frauds, and how you can develop your own intuition reliably and consistently

· Ways to tell when your gut feeling is right 

· How analytical thinkers can use intuition to make better decisions, without fundamentally changing their belief system 

I take the veil of mystery off intuition, helping analytical thinkers make the most of their hunches.


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