Sean Wildenfree

Multidisciplinary Artist & Seeker of Enlightenment



Introduction to Sacred Geometry in Design

To explain the basic principles and structures of Sacred Geometry. Understand what platonic solids are, learning how the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence are related, and how to recognize them in patterns and design.

The different segments include:

  • The genesis pattern & Life Cycles
  • Platonic Solids
  • Phi Ratio & Harmonic Proportions
  • Golden Ratio & Fibonacci
  • Binary Sequence

The project would begin by choosing a segment of sacred geometry you would like: the genesis pattern, golden ratio, Fibonacci, platonic solids, etc. then exploring more about the chosen pattern by recognizing where it is represented — anywhere you can find it throughout your life. It could be finding an object near you that represents it's form and principles or doing picture comparisons with it and an object that represents the same patterns. After that, participants can submit something of personal design whether drawn or done digitally, that incorporates an element of Sacred Geometry to display their understanding.


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