Stefanie Ariel

Professional Artist



Introduction to Oil Painting: Beginners Guide to this Timeless Medium


My Class Description: The beginning of a series, this class will go through the basics of oil painting, from choosing your materials, foundational value and color studies, to completing your first painting and what to do next. 

My Project Title: 5" x 7" Still Life Painting

My Project Description: The final assignment that you will deliver will be a still life painting of your own creation. You will set up an area that will not be disturbed to paint from. Or, if you have no undisturbable areas due to pets or childen, you may work from a photograph of an area of your own creation. The goal is to create a scene that tells a story and is personal and unique to you. We will then work from that scene, creating value studies, color studies, and ultimately a final painting that you will be proud to hang up in your own home!


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