Introduction to Crochet - first class now Live!

Introduction to Crochet - first class now Live! - student project

Hi!  I've signed up for the September Teach Challenge and am excited to be planning my first Skillshare class!  I've been sharing craft tutorials on my blog for several years but am new to making video classes. Here's what I have so far:

My class topic is:  Crochet for Beginners: Learn How to Make a Simple Bracelet

Class descriptionTake your first steps in crochet with this class!  I will give you an introduction into crochet and the materials you need to get started. You will then learn how to start crocheting and chain stitch to make a simple bracelet.  I will show you how you can add beads as you crochet and I will give you some other ideas of how to adapt the bracelet to make it your own!

Here's a copy of my class outline:

You can see the Introduction video to my class here:


My class is now live! You can see it here:

I'm also sharing a free enrolment link - the first 20 people to use this link can enrol for free!

Feedback is welcome! I'm planning to follow this first class up with another one, teaching more crochet stitches with another project, so if you have any suggestions for things to improve on please let me know.


Update 21st October 2016:

I'm now planning my second class, a follow-up to the first, teaching more crochet techniques for beginners:

Class Topic: Crochet for Beginners 2: Learn How to Make a Blanket

Class Description: 

In this class I will be teaching you how to make a crochet blanket from granny squares.  This is a perfect project for beginners - you can practise your crochet and make something useful.  You can start small and make a blanket for a baby (or doll) - these also make lovely gifts! Or you could make a larger blanket for a bed or as a throw.

If you have never crocheted before, I recommend that you start by taking a look at my first class: Crochet for Beginners 1: Learn How to Make A Simple Bracelet, where I talk about materials you need to start crocheting, holding the hook and yarn, how to begin crocheting and chain stitch.

This class follows on from my first class, in it I will cover:

  • choosing yarn and colours for your blanket
  • double crochet and treble crochet stitches
  • making a granny square
  • how to join squares
  • how to make an edging for the blanket
  • how to adapt the basic pattern to make it your own
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