Introduction Zine

Introduction Zine - student project

I really love this project. So much fun. You can make it as complicated or easy as you like. So it's perfect for all skill levels.

Introduction Zine - image 1 - student project

I decided to make a zine about myself and my art. I don't have access to a photocopier so I make a printable version in photoshop. First I made a master copy to learn how to fold it and to decide what to write in it and then I got creating. I painted several images, scanned them and pasted them into this file in photoshop. I also used some of my recent work. 


On the front is an illustration of myself

Introduction Zine - image 2 - student project

First page is about me and my art.

Introduction Zine - image 3 - student project

Second page is about my process and the materials I use.

Introduction Zine - image 4 - student project

Third page is about my color choises and how important color is to me. My printer dosn't like my color choises much and desided to change the blue color to black. Which is upsetting but I'll figure something out. 

Introduction Zine - image 5 - student project

Last page is my contact information. 

Introduction Zine - image 6 - student project


Thanks Eline for the class. I really enjoyed it.