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Introduction Video for Kelle Sparta

So, looking at the other videos, I'm realizing that I misunderstood the assignment.  I thought I was to create an introduction video for my website, not for the class.  Hence the blatant plugs.  Sorry about that.  I tend to try not to do anything that I can't use in more than one venue.

I started out making an introduction video for my new program Strong Women Sing Out!  - but I discovered quickly that there was no real way to shorten it enough to get it down to 60 seconds and still make it useful.  But I did do the video for that and posted it on my site anyway.  Here it is - I'd love your feedback on that too if you have the time.

Then I went back to the introduction concept so I did an intro video for my website and that's what I finally used as my project video.  It is just under 60 seconds - after I edited out the three "uhs". ;-)  Here's the link to that one

I'm finding that the webcam camera isn't keeping up with my movements well - I'm pretty animated and it's blurring a lot.  I'd love to know how to fix this - other than being less animated.  I like my presentation style.  


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