Introduction Challenge

Introduction Challenge - student project

Today I noticed my old hat is always welcome. It takes breaks thinking it's been retired, but somehow gets back in action. I buy new hats and they come and go but this one is a survivor and against all odds. See, I have a metal shop and I'm quite abusive to clothing. Most literally they fade away. First the sun, outdoor activity and fun take a toll, usually fatal, and if not that then they are relegated to "shop attire" which means a sure demise by means of sparks from welding and grinding metals, sometimes actually catching fire. I find it curious, now that you've "sparked" this internal inquiry, that this particular survivor has just a fine patina of mid life maturity where others have come and gone it a quarter of the time. The maturity that shows knowledge, the kind only attained through experience, and just enough salt to be trustworthy but still some how cool for the wear. Funny to think I had so much to say about an old hat. ; )