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Victor Szepessy

Artist and Illustrator



Introducing my IG: @victor_szepessy

Hello, I'm an artist living in London where I like to sketch on the tube and work on large scale public murals

I like to post about:


Mainly stuff I'm making, sketches and mural. I also have a couple of separate IG accounts just for my murals (and one for my sausage dog, Spenser :D).


I live in London, and see lots of cool stuff around such as street art, great bookshops, cats, and theatre. 

Photo editing:

So far, I've tried out VSCO and Snapseed, as well as the filters and adjustments from Instagram. I particularly like the filter Juno. It's very good for making lines and colours stand out in my drawings. I can see that the quality of the photos I post have improved after using these, as a consequence of the info given in this class, so cheers, Sophia!


To be honest, I had not connected with my Facebook friends on Intagram, but I've started to do this now and it has greated a bit of a flow from one social media platform to the other and increased the number of followers, of course. 


Webstagram and Iconosquare really helped to identify useful hashtags and better times for me to post, and this has made me connect with people for whom my content is more relevant than previously. 

The Story:

I also started writing captions with a bit of a background to the image, and this has meant that I've been getting more comments, because people also want to respond to what I'm saying. 

I can see positive changes already in the quality of my content and its reach, so I'll definitively keep on going with this approach. And if anyone wants to give any feedback that's all the better!

Thanks for a great class!





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