Introducing Open Source (free) IDE Netbeans for Web Development

Introducing Open Source (free) IDE Netbeans for Web Development - student project

I am excited about my first class.  Appropriate tools are worth their weight in gold.  During my journey as a full stack web developer I have used many paid and open source applications (IDEs and text editors) such as Dreamweaver, Sublime Text,  NetBeans, Notepad++ etc. However I found NetBeans a very versatile and easy to use.  NetBeans is an open source products of Oracle needless to say it is an IDE of choice amongst Java developers.  But it can be used for C++, PHP, Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

As an Oracle product NetBeans seems to have more of a following amongst Java developer. As a result there is a wide and deep ecosystem for Java development.   

I stumbled upon it during PHP development and through a survey conducted by SitePoint.  Even though there aren't books and user manuals available for Web Development I liked many features of the IDE plus it is FREE. So I spent quite bit of time experimenting with  and learning NetBeans and more I delved into it more I liked it. It has some neat click and drop functionality which is useful for learning the web development for a novice as well saving valuable time of an experienced developer.

I want to share this knowledge of using NetBeans as a web development tool so that you don't have to spent your time learning it all by yourself.    

In this class you will learn

  1. How to download the IDE and install it.
  2. Download and install, time saving plugins to accelerate your web development
  3. Learn how to drag and drop to learn the code and to accelerate your web development
  4. See your changes in the browser without even saving the files
  5. Learn to create web sites quickly by editing CSS and HTML templates

My approach to teaching is driven by making simplifying concept and making sure your time is spent gainfully.  

Class project;

Download NetBeans and post the screenshot.  Create a one page website and post a screenshot.