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Introduce Yourself

  1. I am a graphic designer, photographer and bible journaler living in the Pacific Northwest. I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I am starting a website called: I am looking to use IG primarily to connect with my audience, so this class was very helpful!
  2. My personal grid is below. I haven't started my @letteryourfaith yet. I will be working on that this week.
  3. Bonus: Strategy Notes! Use the prompts in the videos lessons to show how you're getting strategic about building your account. Here are handy notes for reference:

    Identify the top 5 markets (or categories) you want to enter, and explain why -- Pacific Northwest, Bible Journaling, Hand-Lettering, Photography, Brodie, Our Dog

    Edit 2-3 images, including any tips or tricks you learn along the way - I have used these apps all before on other brands I manage :-) 

    Write captions for your images, including 4-6 strategic hashtags 
    #biblejournaling #pnw #pnwphotography

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