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I am Karen Meyer, a wine idiot from Jacksonville, Florida.  My daughter is at VT and is in John Boyer's World Regions class and having a blast.  I am too...I have become a fan of the Plaid Avenger and enjoy the worldly posts (mostly, the memes!)!  As a fellow educator, I have also enjoyed the TEDx videos!  So...I thought....why not try the wine course?  I drink wine but really don't know much about the stuff.  On my last trip to Virginia, I bought a local North Carolina wine and was very disappointed.  Looking forward to learning about smashed grapes....all I can think of is the episode of I Love Lucy where she smashes grapes...yes, I am dating myself! 

4/30/2013:  Enjoyed an official wine tasting session with Genet who is also enrolled in the class.  Following are our notes:

1.  Sparkling White Wine:  Allen Christopher from France:  Very dry, but became amazingly sweeter with cheese and crackers.

2.  Savignon Blanc from CA named Vigilance, 2011:  Heavy on the lemongrass flavor...something I never thought I would see used in wine!  Noted on the label:  fermented in stainless steel;  MUCH better tasting with cheese and crackers.  It caused the lemongrass to mellow a bit.  QUESTION:  the label says the grapes were picked between 23-24.5 brix.  What does that mean? 

3.  Ruffino Classico from Orvieto, Italy, 2011:  a blended wine with a terrible smell (dirty socks!  :( );  Better with cheese and crackers but still not great. 

4.  Como Sur Pinot Noir form Chile:  an organic wine with sulfites.  This wine tasted very woody but was better with cheese and crackers.

5.  Our Daily Red from CA, 2011:  an organic wine without sulfites;  way too woody tasting, even with food. 

6.  Mirrasou Pinot Noir, CA 2011:  sweet, smooth, did not stick on the tongue like the others.  Definitely my favorite!  This is one I buy regularly and will do so again!  I guess there is a reason it is commonly found in grocery stores! 

Overall, I was very surprised at how much the flavor changed with cheese and crackers.  Food mellowed the taste in almost all cases. 

This was fun!  It gave us an excuse to try some different wines! 






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