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Morgan Jones

Composer, piano teacher, jazz musician



Intro to composition (for pianists)

Hi! My name is Morgan Jones, I am a private piano instructor. I teach over 30 students in Los Angeles every week. I began developing a musical curriculum as a Morse Teaching Fellow at The Juilliard School in NYC and I've been testing and refining it for 5 years. I believe that anyone can compose, because anyone can improvise. I believe in nurturing creativity and technique simultaneously. I want to create a content-driven video series that is fun and funny. I hope to release it on Skillshare within the next 2 months. Wish me luck!

Overview of video lessons:

I) Intro - Programmatic music and non-programmatic music

               ~ Record a programmatic composition or improvisation (e.g."Popcorn", "Waves", "Chase")

II) Writing it down - notes, rests, clefs and chords

              ~ Complete hand-out (PDF)

III) Rhythm 101 - infinite divisions and sub-divisions of notes and rests

             ~ All possible measures of 4/4 using quarter-notes and larger

              ~ All possible measures of 3/4 using 8th notes and larger

              ~ Quiz-a-roonie (PDF)

IV) Harmony 101 - Circle of 5ths; Major 7 / Dominant 7 / Minor 7

              ~ Play each of the types of chords around the "Circle of 5ths", in whole notes, metronome mark = 120. Once mastered, play again in quarter notes.

V) Melody and Form: Cell-based composition

             ~ Compose a piece with AABA form

             ~ Add 2 or more of the following: an introduction, interlude, development section, and/or coda

VI) Course Wrap-Up and Class Project


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