Intro to Visible Mending by Hand: Fix Your Jeans!

Intro to Visible Mending by Hand: Fix Your Jeans! - student project

Class Description: 

In this class you will learn how to simply and beautifully fix a hole in the knee of your jeans by hand, with a few basic tools, in a few simple steps.  Visible mending is a stunning way to give new life to your clothing. Learning to mend will save you money and lessen your impact of the environment as you will add more years to the lives of your well-worn clothing.  Rebel against the throwaway culture and join the slow fashion movement!  This class is also a great way to brush up on your hand-sewing skills and practice through a functional project.  If you don't have experience sewing, that is ok too!  In this class we will focus on getting you comfortable with two basic hand sewing stitches:  the whip stitch & running stitch.

If the knees of your jeans are all intact, you might choose to take this class to customize your clothing by learning to add a decorative patch to the jean leg.  After learning how to add a patch, you can personalize all of your clothing over time to create a wardrobe that is completely unique.  Become a part of a rich history of visible mending!

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Class Project:

The project for this class is to fix the tattered knee of your jeans.  We will guide you through the simple steps of sewing on a patch that is sturdy and beautiful.  Follow along and share pictures of your project!

  • Share a photo of your busted jeans.  We're excited to see what you plan to mend.
  • Share a photo of your process.  Where did you get the fabric you are using?  What kind of thread did you choose?  Be sure to leave any questions you have during this stage in the Community section of the class.
  • Show off your mended jeans!  They are good as new (:  Even better, grab someone to take a photo of you wearing them!

If you have any questions on your mending journey, we are right here to help.

Class outline:

Intro video here:

Nina and Sonya Montenegro
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