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Intro to Typography & Communication

1st Project: 10 Words/10 Typefaces

Noticing Fonts Around Me

When Faye suggested we spend the weekend taking note of the logos and fonts used around us, I really became more aware of just how many fonts there really are EVERYWHERE I look! 

I am currently setting up our baby's nursery, she is due on October 14th. So I decided to pay close attention to the packaging on all of the baby products I've been getting. I noticed two main similarities in a lot of the baby related product logos:

1. A lot of the fonts/letters in the logos on baby packaging are rounded. Its almost as if the letters come across as safe and baby proof, snuggly almost! Here is one example of that with the Pampers logo.

2. The second thing I noticed was the amount of multi-colored fonts used. It really just comes across as kid friendly and innocent looking to me. 

After thinking about it, I am sure a lot of effort goes in to fonts/logos and packaging design for baby products to comfort new parents! 


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