Foley Veronica

Stationery Designner



Intro to Surface Design, week one -- grayscale pattern pairs.

I was thinking in terms of inorganic/organic for the pairs. The inorganics are pretty much all geometrics. The organics are a bit geometric as well, but with rounder shapes. For the third pair, I decided to put more time into the organic (floral) and actually sketch some flowers.

I'd love some feedback about contrast and proportion, or anything else that crosses your mind.


Here are the color stories I came up with for my patterns. When I started to put them together as a collection, I decided that for the third pattern, I wanted something geometric, but round, rather than linear. As I was coloring them, I was thinking about maintaining some contrast in terms of overall lightness/darkness of each swatch, and also that some of the patterns be high contrast and some of the swatches be low contrast.


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