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Intro to Sand Hill Ventures - Bucksprout

Hi Brian,

Thanks for offering to introduce us to Sand Hill Ventures.  I’ve attached a short deck about Bucksprout, but here are the highlights:

  • Americans suck at saving money - 49% don’t save and 75% have <$30K near retirement.  We lack the the right tools to make smarter choices.

  • Bucksprout is your personal finance coach in your pocket - a mobile app for working professionals aged 24-46 who want be smarter with their money. Within 60 seconds of signing up, our app will deliver 5 ways to save money today.

  • Founders include a finance pro (CA, CPA, Wharton MBA) who worked at eBay, KPMG, and Trapeze (IPO); and a hacker (IIT-BHU, Cal-Berkeley) who co-founded 3 startups (1 acq), wrote a top-selling technical book, and worked at Oracle and Netflix.

  • We will launch our alpha in Aug 2013 to 100 users.  We have 1,500 e-mail sign ups and have conducted 150+ customer development conversations.

SHV’s reputation speaks for itself.  We’re meeting with investors starting next week to fill our round and I’d love to tell you more about Bucksprout.


Daniel A. Chen

[email protected]  |  650.703.9672


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