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Intro to Motion Graphics: "Everyone Wanders" Animation


Hey everyone -- I finally got started on this project, and hope to have a chance to sneak a peek at everyone's work tonight!

I'm a video producer & editor, and most of the work I've been doing lately is in post production, but I really want to get a solid grip on animating in After Effects, since it can greatly enhance the quality of my projects. I've played around in AE before, so I'm not a complete newbie, but I've never animated my own designs, so this is definitely a treat for me. I took Dan's advice and decided to go with an existing piece. It's really simple and has some text (which I may remove or change for the actual animation) but I think it could work perfectly for this project. It consists of a few colored triangles masked within a decagon, as well as outlines for the triangles. I have a few screenshots to share of what I've done so far, but it's nowhere near complete, so bear with me:



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