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Rachel Cheek

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Intro to Manga Fanart 1: Sketching and Outlining Female Head Profiles using Japanese Techniques


Hi there!

My name is Rachel. I am a bug whisperer, I am a martial artist in training, a pet sitter, a college student, and above all, a devoted artist of fantasy and manga! I absolutely love drawing and painting! ^^ I've been drawing since before kindergarten and have been happily drawing and painting as often as possible ever since, so I hope to share with you what I've learned works best when drawing and sketching ^^

In this class we'll be focusing on drawing female characters in the style of "Manga", a stylized japanese art form, with the intention of creating fan art, or art devoted to a particularly popular media, such as Legend of Zelda, Disney movies, Harry Potter, taylor Swift, Once upon a time, Hunger Games, or anything else you're interested in. Fanart is a way to show how much of a fan you are in a creative and artistic way. I'll start at the basics and show you how to draw profiles or head shots of manga styled people, such as this one. I'll show you how to sketch a female character and how to refine the sketches and add stylized lines to it. I'll be demonstrating on photoshop, however a sketchbook and pencil would be just fine if you don't have this program. I use a sketchbook all the time. This class will demonstrate:

Drawing the female head shape (from a few different angles, only front, side, and 3 quarters view of the head)

Eyes and eyebrows

Nose and mouth 


How to adjust the facial features to express emotion

how to draw hair and hairstyles, add or subtract volume to the hair,

And types of line when outlining manga and how to use the lines

This is going to be so cool!

I can't wait to teach you!

Here's the outline of the videos I will be teaching (I hope I'm not forgetting something).

Phew, I'm a bit nervous about making a trailer video, I haven't ever done anything like this before. Guess I'll get back to work!

Almost done with the trailer (sorry it's a bit late, I'm working on it as often as possible)

I made my trailer!!!!!!

The project has been decided: the Expressive SketchDump! This project will be made in a similar fashion as I do when I practice a new skill in my sketchbook. This project will be done all on one paper/canvas. There will be one big refined sketch of the female character of the student's choice  on the page, with several smaller sketches of that character with varying emotions on each different sketch. This is not supposed to be perfect, it just has to show that the artist attempted to learn the way of the skill, and by practicing and experimenting, one learns how to do it. So go scribble away! :D


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