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Intro to Lightroom : Before & After

Here are some before after shots worked in lightroom. I shot all of these this weekend while doing an excursion to Treasure Island here in the SF Bay Area. I straighted all of the images and cropped them to 4x5/8x10 in LR to give them a more flim-like feeling. I tend to do that with a lof of my pics. Not sure if it helps.

Bay Bridge (Before)

Bay Bridge (After) - I shot this in the afternoon and wanted to make sure the viewer got a sense of the warm glow of the sun that was hitting the bridge. 

Me and Boombox (Before)

Me and Boombox (After) - The original image just felt so cold to met. I warmed it up and made sure hte colors popped.

Dellea (Before)

Dellea (After 1) - I wanted to try and interesting crop on Dellea and her camera.

Dellea (After 2) - I tried a version where I used a VSCO preset as a starting point. I like how the blacks are pushed really hard and the image is less detailed giving it a more graphic feeling.

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