Intro to Illustrator: Create a Badge Design

Intro to Illustrator: Create a Badge Design - student project

Hello, everyone! I'm Tanner Puzio, a graphic designer and hand letterer from Chicago. I have wanted to teach on Skillshare for a while now, but never felt like I knew enough. I know that teaching a subject will help me learn more though, therefore I am starting my first class on creating a badge design!

Intro to Illustrator: Create a Badge Design will teach students of all skill levels to use illustrator to create a vintage badge design for a city that means something to them, through seeing the techniques and tricks I use when designing badges. Students will be equipped with sources for inspiration, texturing, and final output, as well as be instructed through the entire process of creating badge designs.

The class project requires that students create their own badge design, and show the process behind their work, including inspiration, sketching, and their final design.

Here you can find the outline for my class:

And here is the course trailer:

You can view the full class here:

Thank you for all of the support and good luck to everyone creating their first class!

Tanner Puzio
Graphic Design / Hand Lettering